Dome’s site for sore eyes, and ears

The Millennium Doom’s Website is a hotch-potch of the amusing, the grotesque and the downright dumb.

Want to visit the Doom in Greenwich? If you’re taking a train, consider this useful information: “Mainline rail services link London with most major towns and cities throughout Britain.”

The site assures us: “Rail and coach companies have special fares.” A quick call to national rail information reveals it is unaware of any special fares.

But perhaps you should save your biggest laugh for the Doom’s merchandise. This includes 18-carat gold, flush-set diamond stud earrings – a bargain at &£270. They would be set off nicely by the Doom Diamond Pendant, at just &£250.

Children will no doubt thrall to the Doom’s very own superhero dolls: Coggsley and Sprinx. The Website entreats us to: “Help them to find the lost Time Crystals that have scattered through time and space. The race is on to find the crystals – to save the world and time itself.” The question is, will they be able to save the Doom? It seems unlikely.


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