Domino’s eyes mobile payments and opportunities on Twitter

Takeaway brand to improve mobile payments and twitter activity as online bookings account for over half of orders.


Domino’s Pizza is looking to improve its mobile payments systems and boost its Twitter activity in 2012 as the company’s online bookings account for over half its orders. Read the full story here.



Investing in marketing skills to stay competitive

Desmond Luke

Marketers have had to quick to learn the new techniques, adopt the new rules and embrace the new order, whilst also fighting for recognition of marketing’s strategic importance. So how much importance is placed on the development of marketing skills in order that organisations stay competitive? We put some questions to a panel of senior personnel whose job function specifically deals with the development of marketing capabilities at some top UK brands.

Virgin interrupts Yeo valley ad

Virgin Media interrupts ad breaks

Rosie Baker

Virgin Media is taking over the ad breaks during ITV1’s coverage of The Brits tonight (21 February) to highlight the benefits of watching TV online using its “super fast” broadband.