Domino’s readies nationwide NFC summer campaign

Domino’s is launching a nationwide NFC-enabled summer outdoor campaign to promote its mobile app to increase sales over its quietest trading period.

Domino’s is using NFC to help drive summer sales.

The pizza chain has tagged outdoor ads with the technology in order to target consumers who might not visit a physical outlet while they are out. Smartphone users can scan the ads to download the app rather than having to search for it via an app store.

The company says consumers order-in less over the summer, due to the fact that they are more likely to be out socialising with friends and family members. The situation is compounded by the lack of major sporting events this this year, which the brand has credited for off-setting slower sales in the past. By using NFC-enable ads to encourage app downloads, Domino’s is looking to drive loyalty where it has traditionally used mobile to push sales directly to users.

Suellen Morris, campaign manager at Domino’s, says: “Lot’s of people already use our app and over 50 per cent of orders are now online. We wanted to make it more convenient for people to order when they’re out and about this summer.”

NFC has traditionally been used by brands to drive mobile payments. Some brands, however, have started offering smartphone users content in exchange for tagging promotions in a bid to drive the technology’s adoption beyond mobile payments. HMV is offering incentives to consumers for checking in at its stores when they use NFC tags – either in the form of a card, wristband or mobile app.

The campaign, created in partnership with Iris Worldwide and Arena Media, comes ahead of a major brand push later this year to promote its new look.