Domino’s takes risk

On the face of it, the sheer number of consumers with social network domains means that Domino’s could soon have an army of marketers at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising and marketing. But does this mean that it is a good move for the brand?

Dominos Pizza
Domino’s: Digital adventure

I would suggest that Domino’s should tread carefully. Despite excellent financial results, the brand still needs to focus on the quality of its product and reconnecting with customers. It’s not that long ago that we were all talking about the YouTube video of employees with

“questionable” standards of hygiene. Is opening up this new front, with all the potential pitfalls of managing commercial relationships with consumers, a good idea?

Exploiting digital should be part of every brand’s strategy but I would argue that Domino’s needs to keep focused on its core activity for a little while yet.

Vanessa Cohen, partner, Prophet


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