Domino’s to deliver movies

Domino’s is to offer online mobile streaming alongside pizza delivery as part of a partnership with Lionsgate UK.

Domino's partners with Lionsgate to deliver movies alongside pizzas.
Domino’s partners with Lionsgate to deliver movies alongside pizzas.

Customers will be given a movie download code when ordering a pizza online and can then start the movie stream via desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

The Pizza Box Office promotion will offer films as soon as they are available to buy on DVD, which Domino’s claims means that many titles will be available before they reach most other film subscription services.

Titles include new releases and cult classics such as The Hunger Games, ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ and Dirty Dancing. Films will be available for 48 hours after the code has been redeemed.

Domino’s hopes to continually add to its library of films.

Marketing support for the initiative will include TV, digital and email activity. The TV ad will air on Wednesday (31 October).

Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director for Domino’s, says: “Everyone knows that pizza and film are a match made in heaven and with our new Domino’s Pizza Box Office, there are even more good reasons to stay in and watch a great movie while you enjoy a piping hot pizza. We pride ourselves on offering a vast choice when it comes to pizza and the same is true of Domino’s Pizza Box Office – whether you’re into action, horror or rom coms, there’s something for every pizza eating occasion. With us now delivering both the pizza and the movie, there’s never been a better recipe for a top night in!”

Rival Pizza Hut has previously partnered with BlinkBox to offer movie downloads alongside pizza orders.


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