Domino’s to launch spoof Mexican soap

Domino’s is launching a spoof Mexican mini-series on Facebook as part of the marketing support for the launch of its Mexicano range.

Dominos Mexicano

The online soap, “Los Passiones de la Familia Verduras”, will launch on Friday (15 July).

It stars a family of Mexican vegetables and follows a father who lets his son marry a woman from a rival family.

Domino’s hopes to drive engagement with the story by including multiple choice questions for audiences to guess what happens next in the soap.

Fans are also invited to create their own ending for the series in a competition to win a Nokia Lumia 800.

Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director for Domino’s, says: “To celebrate the launch of our Mexicano range, we wanted to bring to life some of the key pizza toppings to create a fun and engaging mini-series.

“Los Passiones de la Familia Verduras has all the essential elements of any soap – two tormented lovers, family feuds, money and murder. We can’t wait to see what our fans come up with in their dramatic finales.”

A preview of the online series will be on the Domino’s Facebook site today (14 July).

Domino’s has previously hailed digital and Facebook marketing for boosting its business performance.

Los Passiones de la Familia Verduras was developed in partnership with Arena Media and Hoot Comedy.


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