Done up like a dog’s dinner

Ever wondered what’s in dog food? Perhaps, like the Diary, you thought it wiser not to ask. If you are curious (perhaps you’re a cat), now’s your chance to find out.

Masterfoods, which brought you Snickers, is running “canine cookery” courses to promote its Pal dog food (available in “dry” and “moist” formats, press release fans).

Brand communicators will explain the importance of each ingredient in a balanced diet and will invite customers to sniff each other’s bums (sorry, that should read “take part in an interactive game” – are there any other types of games?) to win free dog food.

The Diary is sure that everything will go off a treat and that the overpowering smell of dog food won’t put those customers who don’t wish to share their homes with a slavering, imbecilic pack-hunter off their shopping. Just one last thing. The courses will be run in supermarkets. Dogs aren’t allowed in supermarkets.


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