Donky white paper: mobile apps — the route to next-gen mobile consumer engagement

According to ABI Research, the mobile app industry is worth $27bn (£17bn), which proves that the market has reached a level of maturity that demonstrates that not having an app makes a business one of the minority, not the majority.

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Many businesses are now rushing to create an app to remain in the race, not willing to be the last over the finish line. Executive teams across the globe are pushing their teams to develop apps as fast as possible, often without a clear mobile strategy or plan in place. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour can easily cause more harm than good, with research by Harris Interactive showing that 90 per cent of users had their experience of a brand tarnished by a poorly performing app; 75 per cent described annoyance and 69 per cent frustration. Typically, these feelings are driven by slow or difficult-to-navigate apps, where customers aren’t getting the information they want or expect at an acceptable speed.

In a world where broadband, Wi-Fi and even 3G or 4G speeds are consistent and often lightning fast, the user is expecting every interaction they have with their device to occur at the same speed and with the same quality…

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