Don’t just reach for the stars

Consumers are attracted to celebrity endorsed products and many want to see more local stars being used, but there is rowing cynicism of their blanket use and of personalities having multiple brand deals.


Carl Howell

Founder and chairman of hair loss treatment company Advanced Hair Studio
A celebrity endorsement helps to show customers that our product works. Many celebrities ask us for help with their hair and occasionally we’llask if they’ll be our ambassador.

We chose Michael Vaughan to front our campaigns because he’s high profile and he has all the attributes that we’re looking for: he’s fit, sporty and good-looking. He appeals to our target audience.

He follows in the footsteps of Shane Warne and Graham Gooch as our brand endorser. It’s not a deliberate move to have cricketers; it has just worked out that way, because they all have the qualities we are looking for and are seen as sporting heroes.


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