Don’t let this opportunity pass you by

It’s important to take a positive look at the economic downturn and explore strategies that can help marketers emerge from the recession with new skills (MW 20 August).

The downturn that we’re experiencing has the potential to be the best thing that has happened to our industry in decades.

It’s forcing us to innovate and think more strategically about what we’re trying to achieve, while acting as a catalyst for the “better” idea, where better means not just better creative, but truly better return on investment.

Marketers that embrace these changes and rise to the challenge of doing more with less are likely to be highly sought after when the economy picks up.

Nigel Vaz
Vice-president and head
Sapient Interactive Europe


Lynx Bullet

A bulletproof brand

Stuart Turner

Good to see the ASA did not uphold the complaints of those who regarded the Lynx Bullet advertising as offensive and demeaning to women (MW last week).


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