Don’t mess with the God squad

Having read Iain Murray’s column (MW October 10) and the comments made by Liberty owner Mr Balfour Lynn, I felt I had to try to defend those of us out here who are indeed the offspring of clergymen. I presume Balfour Lynn has met very few vicars’ daughters. If he had, he wouldn’t have had the effrontery and arrogance to make such sweeping statements about our supposed taste in dress and style. We are individuals – we don’t, unlike upper middle-class businessmen, have a standard uniform.

The main reason I have never bought anything from Liberty is that I don’t like the clothes. That paisley, patterned, flowery chintzy stuff has never been part of my life, my wardrobe, my upbringing, or even the living room in my parents’ country rectory. Balfour Lynn is right about the cost though – no vicar’s daughter living off dad’s earnings would ever be able to afford such hiked prices as those in Liberty, when the average salary of a vicar is about £16,000 for a 90-hour week. But those of us who can afford the clothes obviously prefer to shop elsewhere, where we are valued customers and are not sneered at in the press because of what our fathers (or mothers) choose to do for a living.

Perhaps Balfour Lynn should conduct some research into his customers before he opens his mouth, as I would imagine those of us considering a visit to the newly revamped Liberty will be rethinking our own strategy before we open our purses.

Rachel Green

NFO Europe




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