Don’t promote Euro negativity

I read with interest the article by Paul Meller on developments in Brussels (MW October 4).

The European Promotional Marketing Alliance (EPMA) has for eight years campaigned for the creation of a single market in sales promotions and it was with great relief that we welcomed the European Commission’s proposal for EU regulation. As described by Meller, the proposal will drive a coach and horses through barriers to intra-EU sales promotions and bring benefits to many, not least EU consumers and the UK sales promotions industry.

We are therefore disappointed that the article chose to lead on a negative note, bemoaning yet more interference from Brussels in the shape of the Green Paper on consumer protection. Yes, the options presented by the Green Paper, at their most extreme, would present all sorts of headaches, but at this stage it is purely a consultation document. The industry must engage with the EC to ensure that this is not the case. Working with the commission does have positive results, as the sales promotion proposal amply illust


The EPMA will continue its campaign to ensure the adoption of the sales promotions proposal. We will be working hard to illustrate the benefits of sales promotions to consumers and to counter the allegations so often levelled at our industry.

At the same time, as a responsible industry representative, the EPMA will continue our dialogue with the EC on the Green Paper in order to find ways in which to enhance the single market for consumers and push for an end to trade barriers masquerading as consumer protection.

We hope that we will have the support of UK sales professionals, including your magazine, in doing this.

Edwin Mutton (for the EMPA board)

Acting director general ISP

Cabinet Stewart European Affairs



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