Don’t rely on fleet magazines

I was interested to see that in relaunching its fleet marketing programme, Nissan chose to continue using a magazine as its main communication vehicle. As Simon Carr points out, in “Fleeting gesture” (MW September 2), Nissan is talking to people who are “bombarded with information” – most of it fleet magazines from other manufacturers.

It seems that car manufacturers need to look at what endears fleet buyers to a brand. In my experience, it is minimising hassle – ensuring the fleet comprises brands that fit everyone’s requirements and taste, the cars always work, never get stolen, the insurance is low, and so on.

The other aspect that car manufacturers don’t seem to have addressed is the specific vehicle needs of the fleet buyer and their drivers: why does the company need the vehicles, how will they be used?

Is a magazine the right way to approach fleet buyers? Surely if they are over-mailed, then something different is needed to catch their attention. After all, aren’t magazines in this market (no matter what they contain) simply providing wallpaper?

I’m sure Tommy Hilfiger would have something to say about the Pro Action logo.

David Hodson

Mind the Gap



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