‘Don’t worry – I AM holding still!’

The launch of a new product is always a major event, but when a troubled company like Gillette announces a “big launch”, expect an OTT occasion.

The dazzling introduction of Gillette’s new women’s razor, Venus, saw a Marketing Week reporter flown to New York to share the company’s jubilation over the product.

Alongside images of hair-free bodies was the spectacle of Gillette vice-president for global business management, Mary Ann Pesce, posing for pictures, holding a massive Venus. Sadly, we couldn’t get Pesce’s pictures, but instead the Diary is pleased to run a shot of Roger Murphy, general manager, UK, shaving a model’s leg with Venus.


Brands up close and personnel

Marketing Week

Thanks to Pam Robertson (MW November 2) for highlighting the need to strengthen brand integrity within businesses, especially those where human encounter is a big part of the customer’s experience of the brand. I would offer a couple of additional strategies to those she mentioned, based on experience. First, most employees or partners are independent […]


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