Door-to-door goes online

A new online tool allowing marketers to find both consumer and business targets for unaddressed mail has been launched by Royal Mail. Customer Finder is aimed at both large and medium-sized companies looking to improve their targeting and effectiveness through the door-to-door channel.

It offers data selection and targeting, mapping and reporting tools as part of a free-to-use suite of planning tools. Targeting can be carried out spatially, by setting specific drivetime or physical distances from the business. The portal also supports media planning of D2D campaigns to drop only within areas where national and regional TV or radio ads are running.

Philip Rickets, head of door-to-door strategy, marketing and sales at Royal Mail, says: “We are committed to helping large and small businesses reach out to customers using our unaddressed mail service in as targeted, relevant and effective a way as possible and Customer Finder extends our ability to do that.”

He adds: “Door-to-door is an effective way for companies to advertise their products and services and this development will help them get even more from their budgets and reduce waste by helping them reach out to their intended audiences. Making D2D even more effective, and improving the relevance of items consumers receive, will also enable us to increase our market share in a responsible way.”


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