Doritos uses co-creation to engage with core audience

Doritos has made a commitment to crowdsourcing as a source for advertising following interest in its King of Ads competition.

The competition offered a prize of up to £200,000 to the creator of the brand’s next TV ad. The PepsiCo-owned snack brand received over 3,000 entries for the co-creation competition and the winning ad, “Attack on Westminster”, is currently airing.

Sam Hinchcliffe, brand manager at PepsiCo, says/ “To open our advertising to the public could have been a massive risk, but it has really helped us engage with our core audience. We’d be open to doing this again because the buzz around the brand is exactly what we aspire to.”

Doritos’ use of crowdsourcing comes after Unilever called on consumers to produce ad content for some of its biggest brands, including Lynx, Dove and Vaseline.


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