Dosomethingdifferent launches Web-based experience-only travel brand

A new travel brand called is planning to go head on with and Red Letter Days by launching a service specialising in “experiences”.

The service is aimed at “do-ers” and will offer users worldwide experiences such as Great White Shark diving in Cape Town and a MiG fighter jet experience in Moscow that can be set up independently of travel arrangements.

The company has been launched by Oliver Brendon, chief executive of theme park ticket retailer Attract Tickets Direct (ATD). He launched ATD in 2002 and it now has a turnover of £30m. Brendon becomes the chief executive of and business partner Chris Bradshaw will be managing director.

Brighton-based digital agency Webplacing has been appointed to handle the launch advertising.

Brendon says: “We are not about how to get there or where to stay – we are concerned about what to do when you are there. We believe what we sell is the most important ingredient of a good holiday. The flight, hotel and car hire are a means to an end, but what you actually do reflects your personality and the type of traveller you are, or want to be.”

All experiences sold on the website are insured and underwritten by Lloyds of London.


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