Dot-coms must gain public trust

Throw enough money at promoting a product and you can make someone buy it – once. But one purchase does not make a customer. The directors seemed to have ignored this fact. George Pitcher is right (MW May 25), the company’s offering lacked content.

But, more than that, they appear to have failed to gain consumers’ trust.

Trust is the key element in converting purchasers into customers. And we are not a very trusting bunch in the UK – not when it comes to parting with hard-earned cash.

UK consumers are still reluctant to buy over the Internet, especially from companies that have appeared virtually overnight. I know at least one Net-based company that has more people paying by telephone than using its secure online transaction method.

Despite comments that “your legacy is no longer your destiny”, customers are continuing to buy into established brands. Starting a business and making it succeed takes more than just hard work and an idea. E-businesses have to gain the trust of potential customers if they are to get cheers rather than boos.

David Hodson

Mind The Gap Communications


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