Douglas-Home to join Reuters Web spin-off

Sholto Douglas-Home, the director of marketing and communications for the Dome, is to become marketing director of new Reuters Internet venture Kalends.

Douglas-Home, who will take up the position on February 1, was expected to return to BT, the company he has been seconded from for two years at the Dome.

He was appointed by Rupert Miles, the former Carlton Interactive chief, who has been confirmed as chief executive of Kalends.

Kalends, which will be launched in the spring and is one of Reuters’ first business-to-business and consumer ventures, will cover finance, sport and general news.

The service is global and will offer both free and subscription features.

Kalends users will be able to access the service through the Internet, mobile phones and other digital devices.

Douglas-Home claims he was offered a new role at BT, but decided against returning to the company, where he had been consumer division head of advertising, in favour of joining the global information, news and technology group.

Douglas-Home says: “This is a wonderful opportunity as it is a start-up and a chance for me to initiate something.”

He adds that it is too early to comment on above-the-line advertising plans for Kalends, as his first task will be to concentrate on “strategic development work”.


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