Dr Pepper targets teens with Facebook takeover

Dr Pepper is targeting teenagers with a social media campaign tying in with its ’what’s the worst that could happen?’ strategy, encouraging them to hand control of their Facebook status updates to Dr Pepper.

The campaign aims to get teenagers talking about Dr Pepper with each other as well as giving them a fun brand experience. It is the first time Dr Pepper has run a standalone online push.

At the centre is the Facebook Dr Pepper UK community page. Users are asked to log in via the Dr Pepper Status Takeover widget allowing Dr Pepper to update a user’s Facebook status.

In turn for embarrassing themselves, users have the chance of winning a £1,000 prize each week.

The more embarrassing the status updates to which users are willing to subject themselves, the greater their chance of winning the cash. They range from the gentle embarrassment of ’Sometimes I imagine myself as a beautiful butterfly’ to numerous ’too much information’ lines, including ’dreamt I was going for a really long wee. Woke up and I was!’

Coca Cola-owned Dr Pepper uses the ’what’s the worst that could happen?’ strategy in television ads, on pack and in sponsorship.

Earlier digital activity included a Chatroulette stunt that took place on April Fool’s Day, where a comely cheerleader enticed teenage boys to do embarrassing things in return for a dance, only to receive a dance from a skinny middle-aged man instead. It has had 320,000 YouTube views and is also hosted on the Facebook page, along with content including free but potentially embarrassing ringtones.



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