Drinkaware targets middle class drinkers

The Drinkaware Trust charity is launching an ad campaign targeting excessive drinking at home. It aims to educate middle class wine drinks about recommended unit guidelines.

The outdoor campaign, which launches today (October 20), will feature recycling bins and bottle banks filled with empty alcohol bottles to educate people that just two to three glasses of wine on a daily basis can tip drinkers into the “risky category.”

The campaign focuses on bottle recycling as a common characteristic of people who regularly wine in the home, with the strapline: “I see you like to recycle (Wow you drink a lot).”

Derek Lewis, chairman of Drinkaware, says: “Drinking in the home can lull us into a false sense of security because we simply fail to take note of the amount we consume. But the reality is that many people are unwittingly at risk from the long-term health problems associated with drinking too much alcohol.

“With this campaign, we’re encouraging everyone to use the evidence of the cans and bottles in their recycling bins to gauge whether or not they’re overdoing it. We hope this new approach to an old problem will alert many people to the risks involved with their current alcohol consumption.”

To coincide with the launch of the campaign, Drinkaware has extensively re-vamped its website, drinkaware.co.uk, which now offers clinician-reviewed health fact sheets, lifestyle features, and a new and improved drinks diary and units calculator.


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