Drinkers under the influence

Rob Furber’s article (MW 5 July) covered off-trade consumer promotions, but what about the trade based ones in pubs and bars which avoid the usual issues with clutter and can be highly effective?

People seem to forget that those who actually make the sales in pubs and clubs – the bar staff – are a vital group to target. They exert a large amount of influence over what is sold. After all, most of us defer to the barman when it comes to knowledge of drinks.

There are various routes to encourage bar staff to drive sales of your brand, these include: training, educating and motivating them. Bar staff are often not given much in the way of training and are always keen to know a bit more about the drinks they serve and combinations which work well. This is particularly important if promoting a spirit.

In today’s highly saturated market, promoting alcoholic brands is a challenge. The key is to make sure those who sell the drink know what you have to offer and are on your side.

Steve Harding

Managing director

Tarantula Responsive Communications

London WC2E


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