Driving force behind the AA strapline

In your recent Advalue on the Automobile Association last week, Peter Clay said he didn’t know who came up with “the 4th Emergency Service” as a positioning for the AA and that the person or people responsible should retire basking in the glory of a job well done.

Well, it was us at Interbrand Newell & Sorrell! We were commissioned by the AA in 1990 to look at the AA’s branding and identity and in April 1992 we demonstrated, through the new livery that by aligning the association more closely and visually with the Fire, Police and Ambulance emergency services, a more authoritative and fundamental positioning (vs mere “car fixers”) could be achieved.

The AA accepted our recommendations; an advertising brief was formed and a presentation of the new livery provided the input to HHCL & Partners which developed the excellent strapline.

Simon Jones

Interbrand Newell & Sorrell

London NW1


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