Driving in the wrong direction

I’ve been rather late in reading the May 27 issue of Marketing Week but was struck by the article headlined “No excuse for BMP not test driving the Bora” in the Diary and am sorry to say you’ve scored an own-goal.

Surely the point of citing the football match in question is not that the distance between the teams is a mere seven miles but rather – and with all due respect to both sets of players and fans – that on the overall scale of things this is a low key game and not something you would normally make any real effort to go and see… unless you had good reason.

As such, it’s probably on a par with the futility of getting the car out to retrieve the Biro or buy a decent cup of coffee.

The only failing is that this idea obviously doesn’t make it clear enough that, at a guess, the Bora-driving football fan lives nowhere near Scotland.

Tim Orton

Specsavers Optical Group



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