DRTV can work for dot-coms

In a sweeping statement (MW August 31), WebProbe claims its research shows that TV does not work for dot-coms.

But in itself this makes no sense without considering the role of TV within a particular marketing strategy, as with any ad campaign.

Any novice direct marketer knows that the louder a particular company’s share of voice, the stronger the response rates will be, across all media routes. In this agency we have seen clickthrough rates that drop to as little as ten per cent of launch figures once the brand TV campaign has ended. An advertiser needs to decide these funds in the first place.

But of course, as enormous numbers of DRTV clients know, TV does successfully generate response. It adds credibility to an offering, and provides low cost of entry, high volume and targeting to younger, more upmarket audiences – all benefits that dot-com companies are seeking.

The key to using DRTV is to select “responsive” channels and dayparts. Driving response to a website requires using all the skills and techniques used to drive response through the telephone. Finely targeted channels, satellite bias, daytime/latenight dayparts where peak is cost-prohibitive and longer timelengths will all ensure a WRTV (web response TV) campaign is cost efficient.

The multi-channel environment enables advertisers to gain complete ownership of a particular genre to ensure coverage within certain key markets, for example, Simply Money for a financial advertiser or The Travel Channel for a holiday company. Furthermore sponsorship, infomercials and off-air marketing support all help to create a cost-efficient campaign using TV to drive traffic.

My message to dot-com advertisers is: “Don’t write off the medium yet, just question the strategies.”

Helen Amner

Media director

Prager & Partners

London NW1


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