DT plans One 2 One rebranding

Deutsche Telekom unveils plans to ad products to One 2 One stable, making a relaunch likely.

Deutsche Telekom is actively considering launching new brands and services in the UK through its newly-acquired subsidiary One 2 One, the mobile telephone company.

Industry insiders believe the rebranding of One 2 One will follow. They say the mobile phone network operator is already considering a complete rebrand, which would be one of the biggest projects of its kind in UK history.

Deutsche Telekom acquired One 2 One in September 1999 for &£8.4bn. Deutsche’s home-grown mobile and Internet companies, T-Mobile and T-Online, form the basis of its plans for a global communications brand.

One 2 One marketing director Tim Yates says One 2 One is looking at utilising existing Deutsche brands in the UK.

“We always have in mind how best to support our product and service initiatives and, in some instances, complementary brands may have more resonance for specific target audiences. Naturally, the first place for us to look will be within our parent organisation,” he says.

But Yates adds that “at this time” there are no plans to move away from the One 2 One master brand strategy.

“We are continuously evolving our brand strategy at One 2 One. We have recently made moves to reinforce our commitment and investment behind the One 2 One master brand by eliminating sub-brands such as More 2 Say and Up 2 You,” he says.

One 2 One is phasing out the two pre-pay brands in favour of a new “Pay as you go” generic brand (MW September 28).


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