Duracell campaigns to reduce energy waste

P&G has created a light sculpture of its Duracell Bunny character as part of an awareness campaign about reducing energy waste from batteries in partnership with Energy Saving Trust.

The Duracell ‘Second Life’ campaign aims to encourage consumers to get the most power out of their batteries and reduce wasted energy after finding one in three of its alkaline batteries are thrown away with 67% of their power left inside.

Duracell hopes to raise awareness that some high power devices such as MP3 players and digital cameras may stop working long before the batteries are dead. These batteries can have a “second life” and continue to power lower energy devices such as alarm clocks and TV remotes.

It is the first time Duracell has calculated energy wastage from its batteries. It is promoting the Ultra Power tool that lets users see how much power is left in each battery by pressing the buttons on their sides.

Energy Saving Trust has also compiled a guide for households on how to use batteries efficiently at home.


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