DVD rental service to push film release on envelopes

Lovefilm, the UK online DVD rental service, is linking up with Momentum Pictures to promote the film company’s new DVD release, Lord of War, on the back of its distinctive mailing envelopes. Lovefilm sends out 750,000 film and computer game DVDs every month.

A Lovefilm spokeswoman confirms the online DVD rental company is in discussions with a number of other brands about buying space on the envelopes. She says: “Lovefilm would consider this for anything that is appropriate for its customers.”

She points out that the 750,000 envelopes sent out each month are also used by customers to return DVDs once played, and on average will be in the home for two weeks.

Lord of War stars Nicholas Cage as an international arms merchant. It is being released on DVD on March 6, and the envelopes carrying the advertising will be sent out from March 1.

Lovefilm claims to have introduced 300,000 consumers to the idea of renting movies (and more recently video games) online for delivery by post, but it is unclear how many of those are currently subscribers.

It offers a range of packages at varying prices, from &£4.99 for two DVDs a month to &£19.99 for four discs at any one time.

In addition to its own-branded service, it offers rental services in partnership with other leading brands, including Sainsbury’s, Sony, The Guardian, WH Smith, Wanadoo, Five and FilmFour.


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