Dyke inspires new BP logo shock

The design industry is swinging its handbags over Landor Associates’ new logo for BP.

Marcello Minale, partner of design group Minale, Tattersfield & Partners, writes to Marketing Week on the “spirograph” subject: “The first design that every GCSE art student undertakes is the BP geometic construction of a sunflower.”

Minale continues: “So nil points to the designer for the artistic interpretation, but 12 points for salesmanship. We all know that selling good design is difficult, but selling bad design must be bloody difficult.”

Surely the inspiration behind BP’s logo lies in the world of business rather than A-Level art classes: has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance between it and Greg Dyke’s BBC rose petal management plan?

Flower power is obviously easier to sell than you think Mr Minale.


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