E-commerce comes to Wales

The Welsh, eh? Who could fail to love them? They’re just like the English, really, except their language skills are better. And they are definitely better at stadium building than certain of their neighbours. Hence the fact that the latest collection of bumph from Opportunity Wales arrived in a lovely plastic briefcase, no doubt wrought from Welsh plastic.

Opportunity Wales is a non-profit partnership that works to improve access to e-commerce for companies in deprived areas. An “e-nabler” perhaps. Ho ho.

A noble aim, and one that the Diary heartily applauds, but why the plastic? The Diary looks forward to the day when companies, development agencies and everyone else decide to spend their budgets on what they’re meant to be doing, instead of topping up landfills and wasting petrochemicals. In the meantime, guess who’s got the poshest executive lunchbox in the office?


Two directors join NTL Home exodus

Marketing Week

NTL brand director Bart Michels and his boss, commercial director Richard Harris, are both understood to have left the company’s consumer division, NTL Home, by mutual consent – the latest in a long line of people leaving NTL. Group marketing director Mike Hounsell left in January, as part of a restructure that resulted in more […]


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