E-mails can’t replace the human touch

The article on internal communications (MW August 10) failed to mention one important issue that faces all businesses in today’s new economy – technology.

In large companies it is common for individuals to communicate by e-mail. Although this is a very effective means and can convey messages in an efficient manner, it still lacks one important criteria of internal communication – the human touch. Technology is fantastic but it is also faceless.

The article did mention the importance of a mission statement but it is vital that every member of staff agrees and is aware of the common goal. I am not completely convinced that we should do away with internal rivalry. If managed properly rivalry in companies can be healthy. For example, having two teams working on the same brief can, I believe, stimulate ideas and creativity which, in turn, provides clients with better results.

Good internal communication is vital. Employees are, after all, advocates of the brand.

Matthew Hooper

Managing director



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