Early Learning Centre links with HEA to cut skin cancer

The Health Education Authority is tying up with children’s chain The Early Learning Centre to produce a range of clothes to protect children from sunburn and so reduce skin cancer.

The clothes, sold through the chain and called the Sun Cool range, will be launched in April. They will be made out of tightly woven fabrics that keep out harmful ultraviolet rays, and will include casual and swimwear.

The HEA has also launched a five-point code on cutting the risks of sunburn and skin cancer. The government authority will also make available a logo that can be attached to skincare products, glasses, or clothes that the HEA considers safe.

So far, Tesco, Boots and Superdrug have agreed to display the code in their stores and use the logo. Further deals are being negotiated on behalf of the HEA by agents The Licensing Company.

The HEA says skin cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the UK with about 40,000 recorded cases last year.

However, less than one in 15 cases proves fatal, and the HEA stresses that most cases are avoidable if simple precautions are taken.


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