EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall urges marketers to stop ‘over-using’ the term innovation

The easyJet CEO advises marketers to think carefully about what innovation really means to both their customers and their business, as well as consider how they can use digital transformation to create a personalised experience.


Innovation is a “very over-used” word according to easyJet CEO Carolyn McCall, who argues that brands need to assess what impact innovation really has on both their customers and their bottom line.

For a low-cost airline innovation is needed to enhance the customer proposition and reduce costs in order to offer lower fares for passengers, says McCall. One such innovation being implemented by the airline is predictive maintenance powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which allows easyJet to change an aircraft’s path to avoid delays.

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The easyJet CEO, who was speaking to Marketing Week at Mumsnet’s recent Mumstock event, believes marketers also need to consider how digital transformation can help them personalise the brand experience to create more intimate relationships with consumers.



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