EasyJet targets European flag carriers

Easyjet aims to “close the gap” in terms of customer preference with European flag carriers with the help of its latest campaign, according to marketing director Peter Duffy.


He believes that the airline is already making strong headway against British Airways and told Marketing Week: “Within the UK BA is our number one competitor and we are finding more and more customers are attracted to our fantastic prices and flying times, main airport destinations, and great crew. That’s absolutely what the customer is telling us as to why they choose us over BA.”

The airline has just launched its ‘Generation EasyJet’ activity with television, outdoor and press advertising. The ads aim to show and celebrate the diversity of easyJet’s customer base, which ranges from people holidaying or visiting friends and family to a growing number of business fliers.

Duffy says: “The last six years have seen significant change in our customers as we fly to more and more central airports. We are taking people to their second homes or on short breaks, the customer base is so much more than the bucket and spade brigade. We wanted to reflect {in the campaign} all those customers who can more than they could do previously.”

The campaign will run in 10 European countries and Duffy says it is commercially-focused and designed to help hit sales targets but adds “it will build brand in terms of preference right across Europe … we are looking to close the gap in making us the preferred airline.”

He says that there is a “raft” of supporting digital activity and the campaign is already reflected on the airline’s website and in banner ads.

BA has just launched a new wave of its To Fly.To Serve activity with TV and press ads focusing on the airline’s attention to detail and also its Executive Club proposition.

EasyJet launched mobile check in and boarding passes via its app last month and Duffy says more than 5.5 per cent of the airline’s’s digital revenues where now coming through the app. The airline is due to report full year financial results on November 19.