EasyJet to offer healthy snacks from The Food Doctor to flyers

Easy%20JetLow-cost airline easyJet is launching The Food Doctor snacks on all of its flight in a move aimed at boosting its healthy food offer. The products will be available on board imminently.

The airline is introducing three products, Get Set Bars, Original Seed Sachets and Soya Nuts, in a bid to meet consumer demand for convenient healthier snacks. It currently stocks a range of crisps, chocolate and pre-packed sandwiches.

The Food Doctor range will offer passengers snacks that are high in protein and fibre but low in carbohydrates. The seed mix, which includes sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, is also high in essential fatty acids. The Get Set Bar contains oats, quinoa, ban-ana and dates and offers a sustained release of energy.

The new products will be supported by advertising in the airline’s in-flight magazine, easyJet shop. To support the seed range it will use the strapline: “Since you are in the air, why not eat like a bird?”

The Food Doctor managing director Michael da Costa says that the two companies are “committed to providing the best possible consumer offer”.

The health food brand has been focusing on driving its distribution among commuters and travellers in a market dominated by crisps and chocolate. It is now also available in WH Smith at airports and train stations.

It has also moved into the lunchtime market through a deal with Boots. The range includes sandwiches, wraps and salads and aims to offer a balance of protein, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and fibre. It is available as part of the Boots Meal Deal.


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