Eat brand director on the future of food to go and what makes a visionary

Sarah Doyle talks about what it takes to be a visionary and why she feels Richard Branson “champions customers”.

We spoke to Sarah Doyle, brand director of EAT and one of our Vision 100 on what it takes to be a visionary.

Doyle said that a visionary is someone who can assimilate the world around them and see a different or futuristic world. She said it is someone who is able to unhook themselves of the things they see around them, including the rules and conventions, and see something else.

Doyle said she admires Richard Branson as a visionary because he “champions customers and is a real challenger”. She believes that he recognises his own weaknesses and is someone who has been able to build an effective team around himself.

In regards to the future, Doyle said that we are now living in a 24 hour food culture and so in the next ten years the food to go market will need to be global, 24 hour and highly responsive through digital.

Watch the video to find out more on what qualities Doyle thinks visionaries require and why she isn’t afraid to be the only one asking the “obvious” questions in the boardroom.