EAT’s a crime but grannies are Innocent

The Diary reported last year (MW December 11, 2003) that the shadowy figures behind Innocent Drinks were roping harmless grannies into their sordid scheme to infiltrate the nation’s fridges with tiny woolly hats. After the Diary exposed their wicked dealings, it seemed that the horror had ended, but no!

Those bobble hats are once again creeping into chillers, perched jauntily atop little bottles of “smoothie”. Last week, the Diary tracked the evil masterminds down to their lair, in the Regent Street branch of the EAT café (which appears to be little more than a front for this miniature millinery), where eight so-called old ladies were passing on the secrets of their dark arts to novice operatives (although the Diary, to be honest, was rubbish at it).

When challenged, Innocent and EAT cooked up some excuse about how “it’s all in aid of Age Concern and Extra Care, keeping people warm in winter – if you buy a smoothie with a hat we give 50p to charity”.

A likely tale indeed.


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