Ebay in personalisation drive with European redesign roll-out

Ebay is ramping up its focus on personalisation by basing its recommendations on a user’s personal interests as well as previous purchase behaviour as it rolls out its redesign across Europe later this month.


The new-look homepage “feed” allows users to curate the items they see from eBay sellers to create a personalised experience based on their interests and favourite brands.

Ebay is also developing mobile and tablet versions of the feed that are expected to launch later this year. Almost a third of eBay’s current sales involve mobile, either in the research or purchase phase, the site claims.

The online marketplace unveiled its new-look homepage last year and it has already gone live in territories including the US. http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/news/ebay-unveils-radical-site-redesign/4004247.article

Speaking to Marketing Week, eBay’ Europe’s vide president of marketing and advertising Alexander Von Schirmeister, says the new design gives control back to user so the products they see are more relevant to their interests and makes it a better shopping experience.

Social functions will eventually added that will allow users to share their lists, preferences and feeds with friends.

While Von Schirmeister was unable to provide figures or statistics for its impact on business performance in other regions, he says the new site is achieving high levels of interaction and engagement and users are spending longer on the site and buying and selling more as a result.

He adds the new look site provides brands with an opportunity to be more visible on the homepage of consumers who like the brand.

Part of eBay’s reason for the overhaul of the way the site looks is to appeal to a younger generation of internet users. Ebay launched 18 years ago and Von Schirmeister says it needed to make the experience more in tune with other high-use, high-engagement sites younger users are used to.

Ebay’s redesign puts more focus on visual impact of items listed on the site and has been described as “Pinterest-like” in its layout.