Ebay is Europe’s biggest banner advertiser

Ebay is the biggest user of banner advertising in Europe, according to the latest Nielsen/NetRatings’ figures, which also show that the total number of banner ads rose by 24 per cent during 2004.

Nielsen/NetRatings European internet analyst Gabrielle Prior says there are now more than 163 million Europeans online, and that the figures show “growing confidence in the value of targeting this group of people, and the increasing importance of online in overall advertising strategies”.

In November 2004, Ebay ran 432 separate campaigns in Germany alone, with another 91 in the UK and 52 in Austria.

Other UK companies that were major users of banner ads include Amazon.co.uk, with 84 campaigns, The Daily Telegraph, with 64, IBM with 56 and Channel 4 with 52.

The Nielsen/NetRatings figures come from the company’s AdRelevance(i) online advertising tracking system. They show that the total number of banner ads run in the 14 European countries covered grew from 76,375 in November 2003 to 94,939 in November 2004. The total number of online campaigns grew by ten per cent, from 33,472 to 36,824, in the same period.

The countries that saw the strongest growth in the number of banner ads during 2004 were Sweden (55 per cent), France (41 per cent) and the Netherlands (34 per cent). The UK saw growth of 27 per cent.


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