EBay launches daily deals e-mails to rival Groupon

EBay is launching daily and weekly e-mails with exclusive offers for its users in a bid to take on Groupon.

The RAC is the first brand to advertise a deal on the newsletters. The motoring organisation will offer eBay users breakdown cover, usually priced at £144.50, for £75 for a limited time.

EBay says the new e-mails offer an “exciting opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of purchase-ready consumers who are actively looking for special deals and offers in a relevant context across various sectors.”

All offers that feature in the advertising campaigns will need to meet “strict” criteria to ensure they offer value and relevance to consumers.

Users can opt in for the e-mails on a dedicated Deals section of the eBay website.

More than 120,000 registered businesses and 20 high street retailers use the UK eBay site to sell their products.

Google also recently launched an Offers group buying service to cash in on the growing trend for social commerce.

Click here to read a Q&A with eBay’s vice president of marketing for Europe, Alex Von Schirmeister


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