eBay, Nokia and Wolf & Badger on what to look for when choosing an automation technology partner

Phuong Nguyen eBay

Phuong Nguyen, director, advertising at eBay

Making the right technology decision is a key aspect of how you get the underlying infrastructure to enable you to embark on the journey. There are many companies [claiming] to do the same thing, so being able to differentiate why one is better than the other isn’t easy.

Think about the kinds of attributes organisationally that you work well with and factor them into your decision making.

Bareld Meijering Nokia

Bareld Meijering, head of marcom and campaign packaging at Nokia

Organisations don’t understand that marketing automation tools need to fit into a tool landscape. You need email addresses from the CRM system and data for who you are going to address. This needs to feed into the sales system so [the team] can pick it up and create a sale. You need capabilities in your organisation to have a philosophy about your tool landscape. All these need to work together because only then can your marketing automation be used to the max.

George Graham Wolf Badger

George Graham, CEO at Wolf & Badger

Having the right tools is key. We felt that having data only would be enough to be able to action relevant marketing from it but that wasn’t the case. Only by pulling the right data into the right platform were we able to start getting a lot more sophisticated. Tools were often B2B-focused [and] the things we wanted to do were advanced [so it’s important to] find the right partners with a team that has experience guiding similar businesses.


Topman programmatic advertising

Bridging the gap between programmatic and creativity

Sarah Vizard

Despite concerns that programmatic buying might sound the death knell for creativity the two sides are now finding ways to work together to ensure data and automation lead to more effective advertising. But challenges remain in ensuring that the right data is used at the right time and that serendipity is not forgotten.