EBay pushes focus on ‘brand new’ item section

ebay%20brand%20newEBay is ramping up its focus on new products this Christmas in a bid to take on rival sites such as Amazon as well as traditional high street retailers.

Its Christmas campaign, created by Albion, will promote its “Brand New” section in an effort to remind consumers that it is not just an auction site. The campaign will run across outdoor, press, online, direct marketing and an email campaign to existing subscribers.

The “Guess What?” ad does not feature the animated eBay characters used on its TV ads. An eBay spokeswoman says it wants to force consumers to re-appraise the brand through simple messaging promoting the “Brand New” section.

Julie Laurens, brand manager at eBay says: “This campaign is a simple and efficient way of not only telling consumers that eBay is changing, but also ensuring we tell them something that’s relevant to them at this time of year, and especially in the current economic climate.”

She adds that the campaign gives them the relevant “facts and figures”. She adds: We tried to steer away from the usual advertising language of ’loads of great deals’. We expect it to have real credibility and stand out.”

Albion managing director Jason Goodman says: “By explaining that the site now has thousands of brand new items, the kind of things that they’re currently trudging up and down the high street for, we hope to be able to reframe eBay as a modern retailer.”


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