EBay streams live listings into TV ads

Ebay%20logo%20120Online auction site eBay is to roll out the UK’s first live television advertisement, streaming real-time auction listings into TV ads via a live feed from the eBay website.

The campaign is the first work produced by Albion after winning the business in July and breaks at the weekend. The execution features eBay’s animated characters, the Logo People, which have been revamped with each character appearing more life-like and having their personalities designed to reflect the variety of eBay members.
The campaign kicks off with a ten-second live TV slot that sees real-time auction listings from the eBay website placed in the ad. These executions mark the first stage of an integrated campaign that runs through to October and includes online, print and a roll out of further 30- and 60-second TV slots.

The ground-breaking live TV advertising has been created by Albion, PHD and BD-Network working with ITV the BACC to roll out the format.


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