EC campaigns to make people vote

The Electoral Commission (EC) launches a “Do Politics” tour of the country tomorrow (Thursday) in a bid to encourage the public to vote and make them more interested in party politics.

The turnout for the General Election is usually over 70 per cent, but at the last election in 2001, it dipped below 60 per cent. Media pundits suggest that the electorate has never before been so uninterested in party politics.

The EC tour, which will start in Trafalgar Square, will feature actors wearing Tom and Mike masks – two characters used in the animated ad created by St Luke’s – attempting to engage with the public. The aim of the tour, which will end on May 5, is to encourage people to pay more attention to the political parties in the run-up to polling day.

As part of the campaign to make politics a relevant part of everyday life, the EC will also launch a new burst of television and radio advertising. This will be followed on election day with another campaign to remind the public to vote.

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