Edinburgh’s plans for cab reform threaten taxi-side ads

Taxi ads could be banned by Edinburgh council chiefs if they press ahead with plans to introduce a uniform colour across cabs in the city.

The decision would affect about 600 vehicles carrying banner ads, and put a &£1m dent in the local outdoor advertising market.

An independent study commissioned by Edinburgh City Council recommends the use of one colour across cabs, preventing companies from running ads on taxi sides.

The report has angered local media agencies and taxi firms, which stand to lose income from advertising banners on the sides of vehicles. A spokesman for Edinburgh-based CabAds says: “Such a decision would lead to a significant financial impact on the company.”

Taxi firms say they face “massive” shortfalls under the scheme. It could also mean a rethink on full wheelchair access for cabs, which is largely funded by ads on vehicle doors.

A spokesman for the Scottish Taxi Federation says: “A large section of the trade would lose a lot of revenue.”


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