EE marketing boss on its strategy for TV success

EE’s marketing director Spencer McHugh, says that EE TV will win the competitive digital TV market because it adapts to customer viewing habits, which are increasingly leaning towards mobile.

McHugh told Marketing Week that EE TV’s services make it easier for consumers to record and watch television across devices such as mobile phones, tablets and traditional television.

The service will let users watch up to 70 Freeview channels plus ‘catch up’ and ‘on demand’ channels such as BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 much like other digital services such as YouView and Freeview, but it will also allow users to pause, rewind or record live and pre-recorded programmes simultaneously on up to four devices.

The move is in part to align company objectives to consumers’ changing viewing habits. McHugh says: “Customer viewing habits have evolved, EE TV is a way in which to tap into this throughout the year.”

EE TV is a digital TV service, which is free for new or existing EE broadband customers. Its launch aims to deliver flexibility to how consumers view content.

Earlier this week (25 Feb) EE released its biggest campaign launch since its initial brand launch in 2012. The TV ad campaign was released on prime time TV during the Brit Awards 2015, and features Kevin Bacon viewing television on the sofa of Gogglebox stars, Christopher Steed and Stephen Webb.

“This is a big step for our business and our brand and a campaign to capture people’s imagination and attention with the familiar star Kevin Bacon, who has proved popular among our audience,” says McHugh.



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