EE pairs with Posterscope to add insight to OOH media

EE – the UK’s largest mobile network operator by subscriber count – is to pair with out-of-home (OOH) media owner Posterscope to offer advertisers added insights into the smartphone usage habits of people when they are outside and hear outdoor ads.  


The pair have announced the tie-up that will see EE provide Posterscope with anonymised insights from its mData unit – which tracks the mobile usage habits of audience groups – which the media owner can then share with advertisers to improve the effectiveness of their OOH campaigns. 

For instance, the insights offered by EE can help advertisers better identify “hotspots” where mobile audiences are displaying specific behaviours, such as searching for films or sports events, and Posterscope can then offer brands appropriate nearby OOH media space to engage with the relevant audience. 

Posterscope is currently lobbying brands to sign up to the new service which is to be incorporated into its recently launched ’Planner app’, which also provides insights from Route –the OOH industry standard planning tool consisting of over 19 billion digitally-gathered data sets that was launched earlier this year.  

James Davies, chief strategy officer at Posterscope says the tie-up will lets advertisers better determine the effect OOH media has on smartphone users and how they respond to it using their devices. 

Chris Gobby, EE’s head of mData, says the operator, which has over 27.5 million subscribers, says it will also let brands better understand how their OOH and online media spend correlate. 

Earlier this month Marketing Week reported how Weve, the joint venture company comprising of the UK’s three-largest mobile operators, was also working with OOH companies to help brands better understand how mobile media can be used to enhance their outdoor ad campaigns.