EE partners Tech City to push 4G network

EE has formed a partnership with Tech City, the Silicon Valley-style East London-based hub of technology companies, as it looks to encourage start-ups to innovate using its 4G network and technologies over that of its rivals.

Tech City Companies
Just some of the companies already investing in Tech City

The mobile operator will open up access to its real-time APIs (application programme interfaces) to Tech City accredited businesses, which it says will provide mobile developers with a significant time-to-market advantage in developing apps and serves that take advantage of high-speed 4G networks. EE is currently the only operator offering a 4G network in the UK.

EE will also offer support from experts within its organisation to help advise and mentor small businesses and start-ups in the area.

The partnership cements EE chief of brand and communications Steven Day’s ambitions, revealed to Marketing Week in April this year, for the company to become a “global leader” in innovation by offering its technology and advisory services to brands, developers and non-competing networks.  

In addition, EE will bring additional double-speed 4G network capacity to Tech City, to support the high concentration of users in the area. It has also committed to launch its future 4G advances first in  Tech City to ensure the hub always has the best possible network it offers.

Joanna Shields, who recently left Facebook to become The Tech City Investment Organisation’s (TCIO) CEO and UK business ambassador for digital industries, says: “This game-changing investment will catalyse the next wave of innovation and creativity in digital and tech businesses, connect them to new markets around the world and support the growth of our brightest and best businesses.”

Olaf Swantee, EE CEO, says the partnership will take the UK into a position as a “world leader” for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Some 5,000 tech companies are understood to be located in the Tech City area. Other noteworthy investors in Tech City include Amazon, Intel, Facebook, Google and BT.

TCIO was established by the UK Government’s UK Trade and Investment department in 2010 to support the growth of Tech City, which it hopes will become Europe’s centre of innovation and the location of choice for tech and digital companies and investors.