EE ties with Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel

EE has partnered with TV chef Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel Food Tube to create a campaign to showcase the 4G network’s video streaming capabilities.

The digital spot, dubbed “Bacon Don’t Buffer” sees the chef taking on EE brand ambassador Kevin Bacon in a bacon sandwich-making competition. Half-way through a buffering wheel obscures Jamie Oliver, giving Bacon extra time to complete his creation.

Speaking to Marketing Week, EE marketing director Spencer McHugh, said partnering with the Food Tube channel offers the company an opportunity to target Oliver’s “strong following” and reinforce the messages it has communicated since launch about the quality of video streaming on its 4G network.

Some criticisms have been leveled at the operator for pushing communications about data-hungry content streaming, yet many of its tariffs offer relatively “low” monthly download limits.

McHugh said different people have different consumption behaviours and that EE offers a variety of tariffs to suit these.

He added there is also a “misconception” about how much data people use and even what a megabyte is in terms of consumption, but said the operator has been running a lot of education programmes digitally and in store to help people match their usage with the right tariffs.

The campaign, which is housed on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel and seeded on EE’s social media channels, was developed by the operator’s creative agency Poke, while the content was produced and directed by the Food Tube channel production company.