Effectiveness Awards 2008

As we survey the monumental wreckage strewn by the hurricane ripping through our global financial system, it’s easy to forget that the consumer economy has had, on balance, not a bad year. Certainly consumer confidence has waned, but if these awards are anything to go by, there’s plenty of evidence of vibrant product innovation, while many established brands have managed to exceed expectations. This year is a special year for Marketing Week: it’s our 30th birthday. 2008 also marks the tenth anniversary of our Effectiveness Awards. With these twin milestones in mind, we have pulled out all the stops to make the awards evening more memorable than ever.

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We have added new categories, such as Rising Star and Brand Innovator. We have commissioned research through our partner YouGov to establish just what that ultimate court of judgement – the consumer himself and herself – thinks are the best brands, new products and marketing campaigns over the past 30 years.

And we have even chipped in three awards ourselves – birthday honours if you like – to showcase the people the Marketing Week team believe to have made the most outstanding contribution to marketing and media in the last generation.

Most of all, however, I wish to thank the panel of distinguished industry figures who, as ever, have borne the brunt of sifting through over the submissions in an arduous, but judicious, effort to select the best of the best. I hope you have all, over 700 of you, enjoyed the evening as much as we have. We hope to see you again next year.

Stuart Smith

Editor, Marketing Week

Chairman of judges


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